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The Foster Beauty Fashion Show is seeking eager, fashion and business savvy individuals to join our team!
Complete the form below to secure volunteer registration.

*Please note! We are not currently seeking additional photographers or videographers. If you have worked with us before and/or you would like to be considered, please email

Volunteers must be:

  • Self-starters, professional, dependable and can take initiative when presented with tasks throughout the duration of committed events

  • Have the ability to work well with others 

  • Must be compliant with the rules and code of conduct enforced by the Foster Beauty Fashion Show Administrative Team

  • 18 years of age or older


  • Volunteer hours

  • Receive behind the scenes access to fashion show events

  • Professional networking

  • Learn new skills to help build future work experience

  • Gain a new perspective about the business and fashion side of a fashion show and business expo

  • Opportunities to bring out your creativity, leadership skills, ability to manage and plan

  • IT IS FUN!



The Foster Beauty Fashion Show offers many areas in which volunteers can join. Areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Front of House  volunteers are involved in collecting tickets, helping to arrange seating, assembling giveaways, assisting vendors/sponsors to their booths and helping setup, seating guests in assigned sections, and any other task that requires assistance out front prior to, during, and following the runway shows.

  • Back of House volunteers are those who are a part of the designer and stylist team. These volunteers will assist and shadow their assigned designer leading up to fashion week, to the time they arrive at the venue until the time they have left the venue. Designer assistants' responsibilities include but are not limited to: steaming/ironing garments, dressing/undressing models assigned to your designer, keeping all accessories and clothing brought by designers/vendors organized and together, unpacking, organizing, and repacking all outfits made/brought by designer, knowing all models by name and recognition assigned to your designer. Designers are encouraged to use their designer assistants to help in any and all tasks necessary prior to, during, and following their runway show. 

  • Other potential areas for volunteers are available based on experience!

Download, fill out and submit Volunteer Application below
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