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Meet Ace & Ariana Foster!

Co-Directors and Producers of the Foster Beauty Fashion Show, and co-owners of Foster Beauty and Foster Media.

Ace and Ariana are a married, active duty military couple with a passion for empowering, inspiring and uplifting their community!

Ariana began Foster Beauty LLC, a vegan and organic bath & body product line, in 2020 during quarantine while Ace was deployed. After creating her own products and seeing how well they worked for her (and her friends and family) she used her lifelong passion for business and entrepreneurship, along with her Marketing studies from the University of South Carolina to begin building their family brand.

Ace and Ariana together used their knowledge as U.S. Navy Mass Communication Specialists (skilled and trained in the areas of public affairs, graphic design, videography, photography, journalism, multimedia and social media) to promote their own products and also began working with other brands. They simultaneously created Foster Media, a full-service media and marketing agency designed to help small, local brands generate more awareness (and revenue) through multimedia.

The connections they were building with local business owners, models, and other media specialists led them to realize the abundance of talent within the Hampton Roads, and they believed that they could create a platform where these individuals could be seen on a bigger stage. The Foster Beauty Fashion Show was born.

The Fosters pride themselves in knowing that with every endeavor they set out to accomplish they are helping others reach their goals. They put forth all of their resources and abilities to strive for the highest level of excellence, and create an unforgettable experience for everyone involved!

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