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Be apart of a movement!
The Hampton Road's premier fashion and entertainment event.

Why Intern with Foster Beauty?

Our internships provide students with:

- Practical work experience

- Opportunities to observe, contribute and rotate through different areas of the organization to discover and develop career interests

- Networking opportunities, career connections, and mentorship within your given industry

- On-the-job training and flexible remote projects for personal and professional development


Foster Beauty is so much more than just a beauty brand! In 2020, the founders also created a full-service media company, Foster Media. Combining their beauty and media brands, the Foster Beauty Fashion Show was born.


Between these three companies, Foster Beauty LLC has an abundance of opportunities available for local students and creatives seeking experience to further their career goals.

Our Company Values.

Foster Beauty believes in fostering:

1. Diversity and Inclusion

2. Education and Opportunity

3. Mutual Collaboration & Building Relationships


4. Charity and Community Connection

Read more about the co-founders of Foster Beauty here.

Available Internships

There are an abundance of learning and growth opportunities for interns at Foster Beauty!

Review each opportunity and click the button below to apply today.


Social Media Management

In today's digital world, social media and marketing go hand in hand. TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube are vital for the success and growing awareness of any brand. As a Social Media Management Intern, you will study and implement the tools necessary to build a brand's presence on social media and develop a social strategy that leads to desired outcomes.


Social Media Strategy- Become a specialist that can develop a customer-centric social media strategy, set up actionable KPIs, and work with a team to gauge the results of your efforts and guide a client to next actionable steps.


Campaign Management- Build a social media campaign based on a single business goal, executed on different platforms with a measurable goal within a definitieve timeline


Media (Photography, Videography, Graphic Design)

Visual communication is a critical element of any brand's content marketing strategy.


As a Media Intern, you will work in your desired field to help tell our brand's story through:


- Researching current trends in the industry and provide creative art direction

- Gaining experience with producing, directing, shooting and editing branded shoots and events

- Actively participating in creating content for websites, social media, online advertising and more

- Providing coverage at events, photoshoots, etc.



Public Relations


PR agencies exist to promote and create awareness for their clients.


They anticipate, analyze and interpret public opinions, attitudes and issues that might impact the operations and plans of an organization.


Counsel management with regard to policy decisions, courses of action and communication


Research, conduct and evaluate programs of action and communication to inform the public on the success of an organization


PR Specialist will:

- Write and distribute press releases, sending pitches directly to journalists

- Aid in the creation and execution of special events designed for public outreach and media relations

- Expand business contacts via personal networking and attendance at events


Fashion Show Production

The inaugural Foster Beauty Fashion Show was a major success, and our team is very excited to continue growing the event and see where we can take it in the future. The possibilities are limitless!


There are many positions available for our Fashion Show Production Interns to include;


Executive Assistant- Work directly with Ace & Ariana Foster on day-to-day tasks for production of the event

Styling- Meet, network and facilitate connections between local boutiques and our designers to partner and provide accessories, shoes, fashions etc. for the show


Creative Directing- Learn and gain experience in creative directing, talent sourcing, public relations, the range of pre- and post- show activities


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